Jenna Lisonbee Named 4Life Service Ambassador

Utah-based 4Life announced that Jenna Lisonbee, daughter of 4Life founders David and Bianca Lisonbee, will now take the lead of Foundation 4Life, the company’s nonprofit organization.

Her new title as the official 4Life Service Ambassador comes after working as 4Life Service Coordinator for eight years, a role which built upon her mother’s commitment to service around the world.

“I believe that everyone has an invaluable role to play in the area of service,” Jenna says. “Service brings purpose and joy to our lives. I look forward to continuing our beautiful legacy of service at 4Life.”

Foundation 4Life prioritizes philanthropic initiatives in more than 24 countries, including the Foundation 4Life’s mission of breaking the cycle of poverty, a focus Jenna recently helped the company rededicate its efforts toward.

Jenna takes the place of former head of Foundation 4Life Catherine Larsen, who will now concentrate on the growing needs of the company’s International Product Registration (IPR) branch.

“Jenna is ready to take the program and fly with it,” Larsen says. “She has great vision for Foundation 4Life, and where she can take this service arm of our company going forward.”