Isagenix’s Kathy Coover Shares Blueprint for Success in New Book

Isagenix International Co-founder and Executive Vice President Kathy Coover has released a new book, Resilient: Lessons Learned, Lives Changed.

According to Coover, the book was written to inspire independent distributors to create and achieve their direct selling goals. She shares her blueprint for success and details how she became a highly respected leader and entrepreneur.

“Thirty years ago, I began to research and refine a set of business-building strategies and personal growth techniques that helped me excel in direct sales,” Coover said. “What I learned empowered me to co-found one of the world’s most trusted and respected well-being companies—one that’s dedicated to helping people experience healthy, joyful, and abundant lives. I’m thrilled to share my findings so independent distributors can create the lives they truly want.”

Key takeaways from the book include:

  • How to create bold and daring goals that help them elevate everything they do.
  • The daily benchmarks of success and how to achieve them.
  • How to distinguish between good ideas and great opportunities.
  • How to ask as if they expect to get a “yes.”
  • The secrets to success of 20 top Isagenix independent distributors.

Because Coover is passionate about giving back, she’s donating proceeds from the book to the ISA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization operated by Isagenix. The foundation focuses on healthy nutrition and support for underserved children, wellness education for all, aid for those affected by natural disasters, and the pursuit of racial equality. Since its inception in 2018, the ISA Foundation has awarded grants totaling $3.4 million to 79 nonprofit partners in the United States and Canada. Those grants have provided over 5 million meals, funded over 30,000 educational events, and served over 225,000 children and families worldwide.

“Helping others is one of my greatest joys, so I’m honored that this book can make an impact on people around the world who need the compassionate assistance our foundation partners provide,” Coover said.