Hurdlr Acquires Direct Selling IBO App Deductr


Hurdlr recently announced that it has acquired Deductr, the self-employed tax savings app for direct selling independent business owners (IBOs).

Hurdlr has already started rolling out its new Hurdlr Enterprise platform to direct selling companies. According to the company, within a few months the migration of existing Deductr clients to Hurdlr’s platform will be complete.

“Many industry leading clients are now taking note of the strategic value we’re delivering to them in better IBO retention and benefits,” said Kelly Thayer, head of direct sales for Deductr, and now Hurdlr.

Hurdlr, the business expense and mileage tracking app for independent contractors and business owners, marketed to Uber drivers and Airbnb hosts before expanding to real estate agents and now direct selling distributors.

“We’re helping top direct sales companies offer a benefit that helps their IBOs increase their own profits, which has led to retention and production gains for our clients,” said Raj Bhaskar, co-founder and CEO of Hurdlr. “It’s a win-win, and we’re excited to partner with more direct selling companies going forward.”