HempWorx of MyDailyChoice: The Company Affiliates Built

How one woman’s health journey ignited a movement that drew $100 million worth of sales–and counting.

Founded: MyDailyChoice 2014 HempWorx 2017
Headquarters: Las Vegas, Nevada
Top Executives: Josh Zwagil, Co-Founder/CEO, Jenna Zwagil, Co-Founder/CMO
Products: Hemp-based Products, Cannabidiol Oil (CBD) Products, Oral Nutritional Sprays


Walking away from a rewarding residual income and an organization with fifty thousand distributors, in your downline sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what Josh Zwagil did when the corporate executives of the company he was a part of began making changes that did not put the needs of its employees and customers first. The responsibility he felt to the people he brought into the business weighed heavily on his shoulders. Josh began scouring the market for a better company to call home, and when he couldn’t find one, he decided to build his own.

The result was a direct selling company focused on health and wellness, named MyDailyChoice, which Zwagil established in 2014 to be run his way: by prioritizing the people involved–affiliates and customers–and putting their needs above the bottom line.

A Mission is Born

Just as MyDailyChoice began to take shape in 2014, Josh’s wife Jenna started experiencing some health challenges.

“We’re very transparent, and we speak to people from the heart.” —Josh Zwagil, Co-Founder & CEO

Since traditional means offered Jenna few solutions, she began scouring the holistic arena looking for therapeutic resources. When she sampled CBD oil taken from their Kentucky farms, she found the answer she had been looking for. Her results were encouraging, so she shared the products with her close family and friends who returned with positive outcomes as well.

“I felt like a normal person, for once,” Jenna says. “I said, ‘We need to get these products out to the rest of the world because I know I’m not the only one in need of such a beneficial product.’”

The next logical step, in Jenna’s view, was to add CBD oil to the MyDailyChoice lineup, which then included oral nutritional sprays, but Josh felt like the network marketing industry wasn’t ready for what most people assumed was illegal or marijuana. Not to be deterred from her mission, Jenna put up a simple Shopify website and started a Facebook group where she educated people about CBD oil. Within three months, her orders exceeded what she could handle on her own.

For the People, By the People

Jenna’s brainchild became the HempWorx brand and officially launched in May 2017, merging its hemp-based products with MyDailyChoice. By the end of 2017, sales reached $9.6 million. In 2018, that number grew 90.4% percent, skyrocketing to $100 million.

Their business model may have transitioned from a simple retail website to a massive organization with more than 70 employees, and over 300,000 customers purchasing from over 60,000 affiliates, but its founders have stayed true to what created its original momentum.

“We give the lower level ranks the same opportunity to succeed as the higher ranks. We provide you the opportunity to set goals to even out-earn the CEOs!” —Jenna Zwagwil, Co-Founder & CMO

“We’re very transparent,” Josh says. “Instead of doing commercials or ads, we just go live on Facebook; we speak to people from the heart. We are very engaged with the field, and we shake the hands of all the customers that come through our office. It’s about the people more so than anything else.”

Women are Leading the Way

Josh and Jenna recognize that selling non-psychoactive cannabis makes some people uncomfortable but, for them, resistance just signals another opportunity to educate. They’re not only building a company, they’re growing a movement they firmly believe in.

Behind them in this mission is an army of affiliates, 80 percent of which are female, who have taken on their task of providing people with a holistic health option. Even these affiliates, who have made a mission out of educating people about hemp and CBD oil, face opposition and often within their own households.

“It’s the most rewarding thing in the world when you can provide an opportunity for people to grow financially and physically in the same opportunity.” —Josh Zwagil, Co-Founder and CEO

“Husbands are very skeptical, and women decide to do it anyway, which is kind of how we started,” Jenna says. “They become very empowered through this model and have the opportunity to create not just a side income but a full-time income through our compensation structure.”

The Future of CBD Oil

The CBD oil market is expanding as more and more states become hemp-friendly. Tinctures, sublingual applications, edibles and topical applications have been where much of the market has taken up residence so far, but the future, the Zwagils believe, is in the bath and body category, meaning cleansers, masks and cosmetics, to name a few.

Predictably, HempWorx isn’t waiting for everyone to catch up. Their CBD oil-infused bath bombs released at the beginning of the year with more product innovation waiting in the wings. And while the competition heats up around them, the Zwagils are keeping their eyes on the reason they launched HempWorx and what matters most to them: the people.

“We are excited to continue changing lives,” Josh says. “It’s the most rewarding thing in the world when you can provide an opportunity for people to grow financially and physically in the same opportunity.”

HEMPWORX: Coming To A City Near You

It was momentum and mission that propelled HempWorx to the CBD oil leadership position they are in today. With their unique combination of culture, marketing and drive, they’ve attracted enthusiastic people to join their movement to bring CBD oil to the masses. And like any well-known activist movement, they’re taking their show on the road.

“Most companies have one regional every 60 days,” Josh says. “Our goal is to do three to four events per month.”

To accomplish this, they’ve bought a semi-truck, wrapped it in HempWorx branding and are traveling across the country political campaign style with a goal of reaching out to all fifty states.

“It’s very uncommon in the industry for CEOs to be transparent,” Jenna says. “They usually only show up to one event a year. We’re very much in the trenches with our customers and affiliates.”