Global 100 Celebration

Global 100 Celebration

Executives, guests join DSN to honor channel’s best at 10th anniversary Global 100 celebration.

The annual DSN Global 100 Celebration recognizes the direct selling channel’s proud history of providing individuals from all walks of life with unparalleled opportunities for entrepreneurship and personal development. The event also showcases the impact and growth potential of the $189.6 billion global direct sales channel. Worldwide, more than 116 million people are involved with direct selling, according to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

This years’s event, held April 24 at the Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West, was the 10th anniversary Global 100 Celebration. Direct Selling News unveiled its exclusive ranking of the top revenuegenerating companies in direct selling. Hosts Todd Eliason, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Direct Selling News; and Lauren Lawley Head, Senior Vice President of SUCCESS magazine, welcomed executives from nearly 60 companies around the globe.

“The ranking we celebrate tonight has become a much-anticipated yearly event – not only for those in the channel, but also for researchers, educators, and investors worldwide,” Eliason said.

For the seventh consecutive year, Ada, Michiganbased Amway claimed the top spot as No. 1 direct seller in the world, with $8.8 billion in revenue in 2018. This 60-year-old global giant maintains a large portfolio of some the world’s best-selling brands, including Nutralite vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, Artistry skincare and color cosmetics, eSpring water treatment systems, and XS Sports Nutrition and Energy Drinks. More than 3 million Amway independent business owners offer 450 unique products in 100 markets and territories throughout the

London-based Avon Products once again took the No. 2 spot on the DSN Global 100 list, with $5.57 billion
in revenue in 2018.

Coming in No. 3 on the DSN Global 100 list was Herbalife Nutrition, with $4.9 billion in revenue in 2018.

2019 DSN Global 100 (Based On 2018 Revenue)

The Global 100 have plenty to celebrate this year:

One Global Family
Representatives from all over the world were in attendance at the Global 100 Celebration including DXN Marketing from Malaysia,
Immunotec from Canada,
Oriflame from Sweden, and PM International from Luxemburg, we also had two first time-attendees Jakob Spikjer from Sweden, representing Zinzino; and Yura Slinkin from Russia,
representing Faberlic.

  • 21 companies achieved more than $1 billion in net sales. That’s more than one-fifth of the ranking. Collectively, these 21 companies generated $55 billion for the year.
  • The top 10 companies were responsible for $40.8 billion in combined revenue.
  • There are 23 mid-market companies—those between $300 million and $1 billion—on this year’s ranking. Five companies are above $700 million, and another five above the half-million mark.
  • Collectively, the 100 companies in the ranking achieved $75.6 billion for 2018. Among those companies are 20 that grew by $100 million or more in the past year.
  • 18 companies are making their first appearance on the Global 100 list, including companies from Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Malaysia, and Sweden.

The Bravo Awards

Each year, the DSN Global 100 celebration recognizes a direct selling executive whose exceptional leadership qualities have propelled his or her company to extraordinary new heights. This year’s recipient of the Bravo Leadership Award, Stella & Dot Founder Jessica Herrin, had the goal of revolutionizing entrepreneurial opportunities for women by creating a modern home-based opportunity. Naming Stella & Dot after her beloved grandmothers, Herrin envisioned a new kind of company that would allow today’s busy women to achieve unparalleled success and balance through a career they were passionate about. Thanks to irresistible products, use of innovative technology, and exceedingly personal service, a proven formula for passionate earning and personal success was born, and Herrin became a nationally recognized leader. In 2014, Herrin further broadened the company’s mission of giving every woman the means to individually style her life when she launched Stella & Dot Family Brands. Expanding beyond the flagship Stella & Dot line of accessories, the Family of Brands gives women
greater opportunity to create a flexible social selling business opportunity that more precisely fits their goals as Independent Business Owners. To date, the company has paid out more than $500 million in commissions to more than 50,000 independent business owners in six countries.

“I’m so lucky to have a team of innovators that never rest on their laurels and never just assume that what worked last year is going to work next year, or what got us here is going to get us there in this fast-paced world of change. They’re truly brave, and they make such an impact,” said Herrin, who was unable to attend the Global 100 Celebration, in a pre-recorded video message. Stella & Dot Family of Brands Chairman Mike Lohner, who accepted the Bravo Leadership Award on Herrin’s behalf, said that “If leadership is about inspiring people, to dream more, to do more, to learn more, to feel more, to love more and to become more, then Jessica Herrin is a really qualified recipient of this award. I feel extraordinarily lucky to be her partner and friend. I suspect you’ve only begun to see what the Stella & Dot Family of Brands will do and become.”

The BRAVO Lifetime Achievement Award honors an individual who has made a lifetime of extraordinary professional contributions to the direct selling community that will be felt for generations to come. Presenting the award this year was John Fleming, former publisher of DSN and the very first recipient of the Bravo Lifetime Achievement Award. This year’s honoree, Stan Fredrick, has either chaired or been a board member of both the Direct Selling Association and Direct Selling Education Foundation for more than 30 years. He personally led the Direct Selling Education Foundation’s Development committee and led the effort to raise more than $12 million for the foundation’s capital campaign. Fredrick is the major shareholder in several direct selling companies, is currently Chairman of the Board at Mannatech, and was founding shareholder of five community banks. He was first introduced to direct selling in the 1940s when his father sold cookware and his mother sold beauty products to supplement the family income. Later, he and his brother, John, put themselves through college selling cookware; in fact, Fredrick earned enough to buy a car just two weeks after starting his first direct sales business at 16, and that boundless optimism and belief in direct sales has never worn off. Fredrick has been a tireless advocate of the industry ever since.

This award “honors what we all know is the thing that drives and makes us as individuals and makes our companies go and that’s achievement,” Fredrick said. “Moving from one level to the next, like a ladder. The rung of the ladder is not to stand on but just to hold one foot while the other one moves higher, and that’s what we do in direct selling—we help people get on the rung of the ladder and not stay there but move upwards and onwards.”

Reflecting on his 64 years in the direct selling industry, Fredrick said he thought of something the late Viktor Frankl, Austrian psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, once said: “If the why is strong enough, the how will come, and I think that’s what we found out in this business. We have a how—our how is the direct selling industry. That’s been my how for 64 years, and I can’t think of doing anything else.” “We have a great opportunity to grow this business and expand it, and I hope that as we look at the future of direct selling, we won’t forget that our true business model is about sharing the opportunity. It’s about helping people have their own business and have the freedom of starting their own business and doing their own things. I found out a long time ago that if I want something, all if have to do is sell one more set of cookware, recruit one more person, start one more downline, buy one more company…there’s always something else that can be done to make this business grow. So as you begin to think about your future, I like to think about what Confucius said. He said, ‘If you plan prosperity for a year, plant grain. If you plan prosperity for 10 years, grow trees. If you plan prosperity for 100 years, grow people.’ And that’s the beauty of our industry. If we never forget it and we keep growing, recruiting and developing people, we will continue to thrive as an industry, and we will continue to help people around the world.”

For the first time this year, DSN recognized two companies with the Bravo Growth Award. The first winner, MyDailyChoice/HempWorx, is a Las Vegas-based company that has achieved astounding growth in just two years in business. Using cloud technology to cut overhead costs and taking advantage of ever-growing consumer interest in hemp-derived products, this company saw sales increase from $10 million in 2017 to $100 million in 2018 – a growth of 900 percent. Chief Operating Officer Kathleen Earle was in attendance to accept this prestigious recognition on behalf of founders Josh and Jenna Zwagil, who were unable to attend the event due to the impending arrival of their first child. She shared the story of how the Zwagils started their company and built it from the ground up, leaning on Josh’s experience as a top direct seller and his knowledge of compensation plans, and Jenna’s strength in building relationships and mentoring others. “They’ve built a company of affiliates by affiliates. And the affiliates love them—they believe them, they follow them, and they just continue to build. We’ve had this huge growth rate, but we’re on track this year to triple our sales again.”

The second Bravo Growth Award honoree, New York based Color Street, offers a vast array of colors and nail art design and grew an incredible 881 percent over the last year, from $12 million in 2017 to $119 million in 2018. Founder and CEO Fa Park and his team accepted the award. From the stage, Park reflected on his company’s beginnings. “It started with a very simple idea to make a nail polish film,” he said. In 1984 while stuck in a traffic jam in New York City, Park spotted a woman in a nearby cab trying to polish her nails. In that fleeting moment, Park wondered if there was an easier way to apply nail color. There wasn’t any chemistry to produce that product, nor was there necessarily a market, but Park wasn’t deterred.

Despite having no background in engineering, chemistry, research and development, or direct sales, Park, an aspiring opera singer, gave up a promising career in music and spent the next 17 years studying, researching and developing how to create a 100 percent nail polish film unlike anything the industry had seen before. He was approached by several big names who wanted to buy his technology or his company outright. “After 10, 12, 15 years of my effort, and my millions of teardrops, I was poor,” Park recalled. “Some offers were very attractive, but my vision wasn’t money. My vision was, how can I deliver this product to the world?” In 2016 he made the critical decision to start a direct sales company. Following last year’s phenomenal growth, he said, Color Street is expected to reach more than $200 million in revenue by the end of 2019.