From the Publisher: Patricia White Takes Reins from Todd Eliason

HELLO! It is nice to have this opportunity to speak to all of you again from the publisher’s chair. I was invited to be a guest contributor for this month’s issue to share an announcement on the leadership of the magazine as well as some thoughts on DSN’s mission as a trusted news source.

Todd Eliason, publisher and editor in chief of this publication since April 2018, has decided to move in another direction along his career path. I have known and observed Todd for many years, much of it during his association with DSN’s parent company before it assumed the current SUCCESS Partners name. Todd has always been a person who brought more than his skills to his work. He brought tremendous passion and commitment, and this is why I was personally enthused when I heard he would be succeeding Lauren Lawley-Head (who succeeded me in the role).

Todd, we salute you for a job well done and thank you for the many contributions you made during your tenure at DSN. Patricia White now takes the baton from Todd and is the new torchbearer for Direct Selling News.

You likely have seen Tricia’s name in the masthead of the magazine as she has served as DSN’s managing editor for the past two years. She has a background in education and banking and is well-suited for her new role in leading the magazine, having excellent project management skills and extensive experience in producing publications. We know she will continue to bring new ideas and innovative thinking to the table in support of the brand you look to for information and inspiration.

Stuart Johnson, founder of Direct Selling News, had a vision for a publication that would serve the executives of the direct selling business model. Stuart made it possible for the vision to become a reality and since 2004, the Direct Selling News platform has been telling the stories that need to be told. Committed to a philosophy of positive journalism, DSN strives to keep readers apprised of important happenings in the channel as well as trends affecting all businesses. It does this daily through news posted on the website and monthly through the informative articles in the print version.

We celebrate the many suppliers who make DSN possible. As I review each month’s issue, I often think about how this publication got started—particularly the brands that trusted the mission of DSN enough to advertise in the magazine. I know Tricia will look forward to getting to know each of you.

As always, we also celebrate you, the reader, the audience this publication serves each month, each week, each day. We celebrate you because it is you who are leading your companies through some of the most challenging times ever, making possible a wonderful channel of distribution that enables people from all walks of life the opportunity to engage and benefit from the rewards and recognition you make possible. The hundreds of thousands of independent contractors who have chosen direct selling to meet certain needs, or short- or long-term goals, inspire all of us to do what we do. We are all blessings to each other. We are grateful.

Watch for Tricia on this page next month.


Enjoy the issue….