Former NFL Players Experience Cognition Improvement with PrimeMyBody Hemp Extract

PrimeMyBody released data that shows its hemp extract improved brain and cognition performance for former NFL players who suffer from cognitive deficits and mental discomfort.

The PrimeMyBody Former Player Study included 70-plus former NFL player participants like Hall of Famers Willie Roaf and Andre Reed. Other participants included three-time All-Pro Everson Walls, Rocket Ismail, Darren McFadden and Lorenzo Lynch.

The study was coordinated by retired NFL players and brain health advocates, Brian Jones and Kenyon Rasheed, and screenings were conducted by PrimeMyBody’s Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Cheng Ruan. The study used qEEG brain mapping technology to test the effects PrimeMyBody’s FOCUS had on the brain activity of former NFL players who suffer from a variety of cognitive issues following years of playing a violent sport. Following analysis of the screenings, statistically significant data supports positive results for cognition process improvements in 80 percent of the screening participants. Cognition process improvements included attention (theta/beta ratios), information processing and visual response time.

Formulated specifically to enhance cognition and mental performance, FOCUS is a broad spectrum hemp extract crafted from organically sourced hemp terpenes and multiple hemp phytocannabinoids, including CBG (Cannabigerol).

“What people need to understand is that not all hemp products are the same,” said Dr. Ruan. “Unfortunately, in this industry there’s no standardization process. What we’re doing at PrimeMyBody is creating benefit-specific hemp formulas, like FOCUS, that are third-party tested for quality assurance. This allows us to know the exact effects our formulas have on brain and body health.”