ForeverGreen, Agel Open Global Headquarters in Utah

Pleasant Grove, Utah, gained two new corporate citizens at the end of June, when ForeverGreen Worldwide Corp. and Agel Enterprises opened global headquarters in “Utah’s City of Trees.”

Agel’s grand-opening celebration included a visit from CVSL executives John Rochon, Russell Mack and Kelly Kittrell. Agel markets gel-based nutritional supplements as a part of CVSL’s growing group of micro-enterprise companies, which includes The Longaberger Co., Your Inspiration At Home and others. Since the first quarter of 2013, CVSL has acquired seven micro-enterprise brands and increased gross revenue six-fold to $26.7 million.

Agel President Craig Bradley and Co-CEOs Jeff Higginson and Jeremiah Bradley also welcomed city officials, local business leaders and top representatives to the grand opening. The new headquarters will support Agel’s 57 markets worldwide.

ForeverGreen Worldwide’s new 50,000-square-foot facility combines offices with space for warehousing and manufacturing the company’s health, wellness and home-care products. The headquarters also includes film and recording studios, and a “family room” that allows the company to host up to 300 people at a time.

“This new building allows us to bond in an unprecedented way with our employees, customers, distributors and the community,” CEO and Founder Ron Williams shared in a statement. “This milestone provides a platform to grow into the company we have always envisioned.”

In a congratulatory letter marking the grand opening, Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert commended ForeverGreen Worldwide for raising the bar of corporate citizenship through its generous giving and involvement in community projects.

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