Finding A Way Back to Growth

Even great leaders can miss important queues if they aren’t looking for them or don’t know what to look for. When your company is growing and has been growing for years, it’s hard to expect or believe anything other than continued growth.

This month’s cover story is based on Brett Blake’s new book Renewal: Leading Direct Selling Turnaround. He shares how executives need to be aware of the possibility of a decline and make sure they have in place—and are paying attention to—the KPIs that provide them an early warning signal that trouble is ahead.

Regulatory pressures on our industry have never been greater. So, if your training program doesn’t lead with compliance, it needs to. In our feature entitled ‘Right Train, Right Track’, writer Heather Martin talks about how from day one, a new distributor needs to know exactly what he or she can and can’t say about your products and your opportunity.

Next, we’re excited to bring you two company spotlight’s this month. The first is Revital U, who have put aside the old school traditional strategies and are finding a way for people to focus on customer acquisition and not on rep recruitment and pack sales. “The way I wanted to do that is through the sample first idea,” says CEO Andy McWilliams.

Our second company spotlight features Pure Romance, who believes that Intimacy between partners is key to the human experience. It is being alive. Founder Patty Brisben has brought research, education, and resources to create a foundation to help women regain the intimacy they were missing.

 DSN Global 100 Celebration – April 1

There is still time to secure tickets for you and your team. This year’s DSN Global 100 Celebration will take place at the Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas, a wonderful venue in which to celebrate the achievements from the past year and to recognize each of the companies making the list.