DSA Seeks Clarity from FDA on CBD Products

FDA on CBD Products

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) has sent a memo to member companies stating that clarity is needed from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on the sale of cannabinoid (CBD) products.

The clarification concerns the FDA’s statement after passage of the 2018 Farm Bill that while the farming of hemp is legal, the use of CBD—an active ingredient in cannabis derived from hemp—in foods or dietary supplements (ingestible) is unlawful.FDA on CBD Products

On July 30, the Code Administer of the DSA sent a memo stating that the sale of ingestible CBD products would violative of the DSA Code of Ethics. DSA then instituted a 90-day window for member companies selling CBD products during which they would not be cited for Code of Ethics violations, and to account for additional time to permit the FDA to make a determination.

DSA is urging the FDA to “timely explore a pathway” to allow CBD to become available.