doTERRA Donates Over 21,000 Backpacks to Utah Schools and Community Centers

doTERRA announced a donation of 21,000 backpacks to 18 Utah schools and community centers.

The backpacks will empower local leaders to better sustain program activities and support individual students and community needs. Among the organizations that received the backpacks are Lifting Hands International, Tabitha’s Way Food Bank, Granite Education Foundation, Alpine School District Foundation, South Franklin Community Center and Salt Lake Education Foundation.

“doTERRA has been an absolutely amazing partner, supporting the Alpine School District in a variety of important ways,” said Tyler Vigue, executive director of Alpine School District Foundation, which received 5,700 backpacks. “This recent donation shows their ongoing commitment to help our kids and our schools. We have already distributed the backpacks to every type of school in the district, including elementary and secondary schools, as well as alternative and specialty schools. All types of students, and especially those whose families are experiencing financial hardships, will be blessed by this extremely generous donation. We can’t thank doTERRA enough!”

One of the values doTERRA promotes is supporting local communities whenever an opportunity arises. Various departments throughout the company supported the coordination of this sizable donation, including warehouse personnel who helped generate the idea and coordinated delivery of the items.

“It was great to be a part of this service, especially for the youth and those who are truly in need,” said Mark Stewart, a doTERRA inventory control specialist and one of several volunteers who helped deliver the backpacks to community partners. “I loved the genuine looks and words of gratitude from the school administrators when we arrived. They were so gracious and thankful for the service doTERRA provided for their students and schools. I’m grateful to work for a company that is dedicated to serving the surrounding communities.”