Direct Selling Legends: Lessons 50 Years in the Making

With more than 50 years of experience each, six industry legends share their memories, knowledge and insight to offer a unique glimpse into the channel’s past, present and future.

There is a depth of wisdom that comes only from lived experience, and for six industry legends, that wisdom feels infinite. In this exclusive Legends Interview Series, produced by Direct Selling News, Jerry Brassfield, John Fleming, Stan Fredrick, Rick Goings, Rudy Revak and Larry Thompson share candid anecdotes about what drew them to the business model and offer powerful wisdom-filled memories that can serve as inspiration for young entrepreneurs eager to match their historic ambition and achievements.

As the industry faces challenges today, it is powerful to remember that these problems, although unique, are not new. There have always been obstacles, and as these legends generously share their knowledge, we’re given a peek behind the curtain into what it was like to endure some of the most earth shaking tumults the industry has faced—from customer behavioral changes to the introduction of the internet. Through their personal retellings, it becomes clear that the innovations and triumphs of the past can also be a powerful guidebook for the future.

Within their stories is also a shepherding voice, reminding us that although we see their victory laps, there were also years filled with tenacity and grit as they learned the fundamentals of the business. Today, as leaders who ascended to the highest levels of power, charisma and success, the legends are honest about their foibles, rocky starts and the failures that made them stronger. That generous spirit and commitment to help others lives in the memories and words they share and offers authentic advice for those seeking to follow in their footsteps.

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