Creating an Empowering Path for Women to Succeed

Joni Rogers-Kante on stage

Joni Rogers-Kante has dedicated her life to helping women become part of something greater than themselves.

When SeneGence Founder, CEO and Chairwoman Joni Rogers-Kante’s son Alan was a toddler and became a single mother, she set two goals that would come to shape her life. First, she wanted to devote her life’s work to helping women build long lasting security for themselves and their children, married or not. Next, she wanted to find and develop a solution to create an income that would still allow her to be present as much as possible and a part of my son’s daily life.

“I had been introduced to direct sales years earlier and knew it to be a tremendous opportunity for women to be self-sufficient and financially accountable while working from a home office,” says Joni. “Along with the training and mentoring I received from my father in the retail arena, a business plan was born with an idea of building on truth, good sustainable business practices blended with products and a career path that really works.”

After researching and meeting with a variety of different product formulators who could help create the products she had in mind—products that stayed on until removed at the end of the day, which also made skin more beautiful—she knew this type of product was a perfect fit for direct selling as it required each user be taught how to use it. All the elements were in place for creating a path for women—any woman regardless of age, educational background or family structure—to become an entrepreneur.

“SeneGence will always be about empowering women,” says Joni. “The products make women feel better personally through the way they look and feel.” The company also provides the opportunity for each woman, should she choose to become a distributor to provide for their families by selling our anti-aging skin care and long-lasting color cosmetic technologies to their friends and associates while running a business from home. “To be able to give and receive that gift of spending more time with those you love is a true blessing,” adds Joni.

Designing One’s Own Life with Priorities Intact

Becoming an inspirational leader is not something Joni consciously aspired to become. She wanted to develop a loving and supportive business culture where women would realize a safe haven in which to learn and develop their entrepreneurial skills. “I wanted to become a company of likeminded strong women—in heart and mind and will—in which women became a part of something larger than themselves,” says Joni. “We are the kind of women who could be CEOs of a corporation, but choose not to. Instead, we have chosen to become CEO of our own businesses designed by us that offers a lifestyle we can live with while keeping our priorities intact.”

“The women of SeneGence are intelligent and well educated,” adds Joni. “We do not choose to put in the kind of hours we see our male counterparts putting in away from their homes, traveling 50 weeks of the year, in the office from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm, not being able to tuck the kids in and having a rare family weekend here and there,” says Joni. “We simply do not choose that lifestyle.”

“I wanted to become a company of likeminded strong women—in heart and mind and will—in which women became a part of something larger than themselves.”
– Joni Rogers-Kante, SeneGence Founder, CEO and Chairwoman

Joni is well aware of the conversation from other women and other government entities who are talking about the fact that only 9 percent of women are on publicly held boards, 15 percent hold executive positions and 4 percent are women CEOs. “Although we wish those women who have chosen the corporate route well, our path is a different one,” says Joni. “We choose to use our intellect and energy to achieve and become successful but we don’t want to do it on the terms that have been laid out by our predecessors. Direct sales on the other hand gives us the opportunity to design a successful career based upon our own terms while keeping our own priorities as we work out of our homes.”

A Culture of Innovation and Uplifting Others

The very culture of SeneGence reflects the embodiment of this quest Joni adds. It is this underlying driving mission that has sustained her company through growth and challenging times. This pursuit of giving to others and in turn making a positive contribution to those individuals within their communities is what propels her, the company and her sister distributors to become better than they thought they could be. It also serves as motivation for Joni and the company to stay committed to their true purpose. “Without a doubt, we’ve proven a culture of likeminded, intelligent, kind women together can indeed be inspiring and make what seemed impossible actualized.”

Joni knows firsthand that being an entrepreneur is hard work and takes long dedicated hours. She also believes the most important value in any business is a commitment to living in the truth; and building on that truth through great products and a career that really works as long as you do too. “Companies, like individuals, should maintain an overriding commitment to integrity, honesty and plain, simple truth,” says Joni, “Otherwise success becomes unsustainable and therefore what’s the point? We’re here for the long haul – for the next generation of entrepreneurs, our children. That is the approach we take at every decision-making crook in the road of growth and development at SeneGence, and it is has always be an important part of my business plan.”

When SeneGence was introduced into the marketplace, they developed a category of products that had never existed before. Long-lasting color cosmetics had never been introduced to women prior to the release of LipSense. “Being first is always best, and frankly cannot be rivaled with ‘wannabe’ knock-offs,” says Joni. From meager and limited beginnings, their SeneDerm SkinCare line of anti-aging products with SenePlex+ Complex was developed, making SeneGence a complete ‘long-lasting’ beauty and anti-aging skin care product line.

Joni says SeneGence offers to all who desire to build an ‘at-home-business’ an environment of learning. This means SeneGence distributors take the time to learn and teach one another at their quarterly training event even the most detailed ‘How Tos’ of business management practices—from the mundane to the most creative and fun marketing techniques.  “We support and lift up one another in doing so, helping everyone to do and become their best, encouraging and showing from one small step to another how to improve,” says Joni. “I think our SeneSisterhood of a network of intelligent, motivated women that are willing to help another succeed is really what keeps SeneGence thriving.”


“We’re here for the long haul – for the next generation of entrepreneurs, our children. That is the approach we take at every decision-making crook in the road of growth and development at SeneGence, and it is has always be an important part of my business plan.” – Joni Rogers-Kante

Although they have grown signi­ficantly as a company, Joni says they will never lose that personal touch and responsibility we feel towards each individual distributor. “We, me and my sister leaders, help solve problems and answer questions in the field. Leadership exists within all age brackets. From our most mature Leaders to our very youngest; each brings to the table amazing talents to be shared with one another, making all of us stronger and more resolute to our mission.”

SeneGence supports the entire sales force through their country SeneCare departments. They also support individual needs through their marketing and sales teams, and connect personally at events and trips. “This is where executives really get the time to talk to individuals about their accomplishments, challenges and goals,” adds Joni. “Our Distributors’ and their families’ happiness and success is our utmost ­priority, and that will never change.”

Joni’s Future Vision

While simple on paper, Joni’s vision for the future is complex in reality she says. “We’re planning to bring SeneGence and our opportunity for women to become independent business owners across the globe.” While operating in the U.S., Australia and Canada, the company also launched Mexico and New Zealand in 2018 and Hong Kong in October 2019. They also operate through independent brokers charged with introducing the product line to end user consumers in many more countries where they will eventually set up business.

Joni also predicts that direct selling will continue its growth despite the rollercoaster world economy. “In the U.S. alone, direct selling accounts for about $35 billion in sales in 2018, $198 Billion worldwide,” says Joni. “To me this means people want to buy goods and services from people, individuals they know, like and trust to educate them about products and services they might like to use. The opportunities for direct sellers are boundless, and as I have said technology is only increasing the opportunities for direct-selling professionals to reach out and touch the lives of others. High Tech with High Touch. If you have the willingness and a desire to succeed, the world awaits you.”