Your Guide to Guide to Creating an Intentional Culture

You are in the direct selling business because you want to change lives. You may sell health supplements, skin care products, keepsake jewelry, wireless or energy services. You may provide opportunities for your distributors to earn extra and full-time income. But these are your what, not your why.

An industry like no other, direct selling draws those who are driven by the idea that we all can and want to transform. You have chosen to work in this industry because you believe deeply in the power of transformation. It’s that simple.

But it’s not that easy.

Creating and operating a company that repeatedly delivers on the promise of meaningful change doesn’t just happen. But there’s no secret to making it happen, either.

Since 2004, Direct Selling News has been privileged to work with hundreds of direct selling companies in the course of interviewing for our cover story and other feature articles, which has given us a window into some of the best thinking our channel has to offer.

We learned what works and what doesn’t, as well as gained anecdotal perspective on why it did or didn’t work. More recently, we’ve begun combining our store of knowledge with statistical data from such industry-leading software companies such as InfoTrax and Exigo, as well as the Harris Poll, Harvard Business Review and Quantum Workforce to glean more insight into what we’ve observed.

Purpose of the Core Principles Scorecard

Once a company has measured current performance, the creation of strategies should be prioritized according to areas of weakness.

To create a strong strategy, it’s important to address a principle throughout the life cycle of a customer/distributor and throughout the life cycle of a company. It’s imperative to examine each of the following, and create a strategy that addresses each:

• Customer experience
• NEW distributor experience
• Ongoing distributor sales and marketing experience

Each of these represents a person’s experience, excitement and skillset as they grow through an organization, beginning with how he interacts with a company’s culture while still a customer.

Like you, we at Direct Selling News believe deeply in the entrepreneurial opportunities direct selling offers to millions of people from all over the world and from all kinds of circumstances, and we want to be a professional voice in support of that mission. Our goal with this book is to give you and your company a framework with which you can design your own transformations and to provide opportunities for others to create theirs.

We are with you when you win, and we’re here for you when you need extra support. This book on the Core Principles is our way of walking with you on the journey to your next win.

On a scale of 1-5, rate your company on how you feel you are performing on each of the Core Principles.
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