Conservation Documentary Executive Produced by Mary Kay Inc. Debuts at Bayou Film Festival

The conservation documentary Guardians of the Gulf, executive produced by Mary Kay Inc. with Media One, will begin screening online on January 20th, as part of the 16th annual Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival.

Filmed, directed and produced by an all-female crew, Guardians of the Gulf explores the impacts of catastrophic natural disasters, hurricanes, overfishing, agricultural runoff and oil spills on one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth.

The film was created in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, who, along with Mary Kay and Media One, visited the coasts of Texas, Alabama and Mexico to tell the often-overlooked stories of Gulf preservation. Through the resilience of conservationists and conversations with local fisherpeople, tour operators, chefs and student leaders, the film explores how to increase sustainability and promote change through action.