Immunotec Conference Focuses on Unlimited Success

Conferencia Sin Limites 2019

Immunotec’s recent Latin American conference offered a glimpse of the company’s future for its Consultants, corporate team and stakeholders.

The “Conferencia Sin Limites 2019” (Unlimited Conference 2019) held at the Expo Santa Fe in Mexico City attracted 6,500 Independent Consultants, breaking the previous high of 2,670 set last year in Mexico.

“2018 was a year of rapid and dynamic change for Immunotec,” said CEO Mauricio Domenzain. “Our mission now is to focus on the specific things we need to do to create an exciting future. The theme of our conference was chosen to signify that we are now positioned to achieve unlimited success. We are not inspired to be the biggest company; what inspires us is to be the best. A core component of our philosophy is that even though we operate in eight countries, Immunotec is one big family, and we were thrilled to see so many people from across the Immunotec world express their happiness and enthusiasm for our vision and their commitment to their Immunotec businesses.”

One of the conference’s highlights was an appearance by internationally acclaimed author and motivational speaker, Chris Gardner, whose life was the subject of the Oscar-nominated 2006 movie The Pursuit of Happyness starring Will Smith.

Immunotec develops and manufactures research-driven nutritional products. The company markets and sells its products through its network of independent consultants in Canada, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ireland, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States.