Tupperware Brands Corp.

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Tupperware is a global direct seller of innovative, premium products across multiple brands and categories through an independent salesforce. Products include design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions for the home.


Revenue Rank
$1.80 billion 8

Country: USA

Sales Method: Person To Person

Compensation Structure: Single-level and Multi-level

Products: Beauty; Personal Care; Storage; Serving

Markets: 100

Primary Market: Asia

Salespeople: 2.6 million

Employees: 13,500

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida

Executive: Patricia Stitzel

Year Founded: 1946

Stock Symbol: TUP—NYSE

Website: www.tupperware.com


Latest Articles

Beauty Everlasting

October 1, 2010

Beauty and personal care products remain a cornerstone of the direct selling industry.

Letter from John Fleming, September 2010

September 1, 2010

The big news within the industry over the past 30 days has been the Avon acquisition of Silpada! When we saw the first release come through we could only think: “WOW! What a story!” Having been around the direct selling industry for many years it was not difficult for me to remember the beginnings of Silpada, for it was only about 13 years ago that they started. If you don’t know the story, it is definitely worth a trip to their website to browse this company and review its beginnings and its mission. Talk about dreams coming true, this is quite a story, but there are many stories within this story.

2009 DSN Global 100: The Top Direct Selling Companies in the World

June 1, 2010

Yes, we are ambitious. Direct Selling News and all of the companies in this industry, that is. No challenge is too great. To illustrate this point, DSN created the Global 100, the top direct selling companies in the world, based on 2009 year-end wholesale revenue (in U.S. dollars).