ARIIX Opens in France; Launches Innovative Travel Program

ARIIX Travel

ARIIX, a Bountiful, Utah-based company that promotes healthy, toxin-free living, recently announced the launch of France as an official market. The announcement was made during the company’s Next Level World Tour held in Lyon, France.

In 2017, year-end sales for France reached $2.95 million and for the first half of Q1, 2018 sales have already reached $910,000. France is home to 1,777 ARIIX Representatives, and that number continues to increase exponentially.

“Exciting things are happening in Europe,” said Mark Wilson, ARIIX president and founder. “France is an impressive advancement among the many we are experiencing with European growth. Five out of the top 25 worldwide Power Rankers of 2017 are from Europe, and the country continues to hold steady as our third fastest-growing market month after month. We’re thrilled with our market leaders and can’t wait to witness the success in 2018!”

France is the 17th official market for ARIIX in just six years of business. According to the company, growth is a key factor for official market consideration at ARIIX, and new markets will continue to open across the globe as ARIIX expands its international reach.

During the launch on March 17, ARIIX also announced a new loyalty rewards program that will allow ARIIX preferred customers and representatives to travel at wholesale rates.

The program will offer a dollar-for-reward dollar return when purchasing ARIIX products and a dollar-for-reward dollar return when out-of-pocket travel costs accrue through the ARIIX travel portal. For 28 days after the launch, ARIIX is also offering a retroactive dollar-for-reward dollar match for past purchases dating back to when the representative or customer first joined ARIIX.