ARIIX Announces Merger with NuCerity

ARIIX Nucerity Merger

ARIIX, a Bountiful, Utah-based company that promotes healthy, toxin-free living, has announced its merger with NuCerity, a Houston, Texas-based network marketing company.

According to ARIIX, the partnership formed due to different market strengths and the opportunity those strengths presented for the representatives, along with strong projected sales figures. ARIIX’s 2017 year-end sales were $178 million, an 18 percent increase over the previous year. NuCerity’s 2017 year-end sales were $35 million.

NuCerity’s 30,000 representatives will be unified with the current ARIIX representative base through the merger. With the combined revenue and sales efforts from the partnership, ARIIX projects sales for 2018 year-end to be $300 million.

“This is a strong union for both ARIIX and NuCerity,” said ARIIX CEO and Founder Fred Cooper. “Both companies have incredibly strong markets where the other does not, as well as high-quality products which complement each other. Our representatives and employees will undoubtedly be able to grow with and learn from each other, and I can already see strong teams forming which include both NuCerity and ARIIX entrepreneurs.”

NuCerity creates clinically tested and dermatologist recommended skin care products, which align with the six brands ARIIX currently produces. The NuCerity products will be brought under the ARIIX brands and will be available as the registration process completes in each market. Currently, ARIIX is officially open in 17 markets, and the merger with NuCerity will allow for at least two more immediate market openings in 2018.

ARIIX has also announced that its Partner Support department garnered high honors at the Stevie Sales and Customer Service Awards gala held Feb. 23, at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

ARIIX Partner Support: received bronze awards for Customer Service Department of the Year and Customer Service Leader of the Year, Cameron Bott.