Amaury Vergara Zatarain Appointed President of OMNILIFE CHIVAS Group

Amaury Vergara Zatarain has been appointed president of the OMNILIFE CHIVAS Group.

At a meeting held in Guadalajara on January 22, 2020, the OMNILIFE CHIVAS Group’s Board of Directors decided on the appointment as a result of the Group’s achievements since August 2018 when Amaury was appointed executive vice president and general manager.

According to the Board, during that time OMNILIFE Group has been renewed and has generated important changes in the way things have been done in the company, particularly in respect to growth in sales, profitability, territorial expansion and connection with the existing OMNILIFE distributors in the 21 countries where the company has presence. There has also been restructuring and strengthening of Club Deportivo Guadalajara.

“I am aware of the great responsibility I have inherited and will continue day in day out with the great legacy initiated by our founding president Don Jorge Vergara,” said Amaury.