Agel Founder Glen Jensen Rejoins Company as Group CEO

JRJR Networks recently announced that Glen Jensen is joining its operation as Group CEO of Agel Enterprises, the company he founded in 2005.

Agel made a name for itself in the nutrition industry by introducing supplements in suspension gel form, in lieu of conventional pills and juices. The products target specific needs such as energy, joint health and weight management. In 2010, the year DSN introduced the Global 100 list, Agel ranked No. 65 with prior-year revenue of $175 million. In the next year, it dropped to No. 92 on revenue of $80 million.

Jensen led the company for six years before exiting in 2011. Two years after his departure, Agel joined the JRJR Networks family of companies. Formerly known as CVSL, JRJR Networks is a holding company for a growing group of direct-to-consumer brands, including basket maker The Longaberger Company and gourmet spice seller Your Inspiration At Home. Under the JRJR Networks umbrella, each company retains its own identity while benefiting from operational efficiencies.

“Glen Jensen was the heart and soul of Agel in the days when he established it as a successful business and led its growth across the globe,” said John Rochon Jr., Founder of JRJR Networks and Chairman of Agel. “Glen’s return to Agel after a five-and-a-half-year absence sends the bold message that Agel is back and has found its voice again.”

Jensen spent the past two years heading up another direct seller of skincare and nutrition products, this one primarily operating in Asia. Before launching Agel, he had founded another direct selling company and held executive roles with several others. Jensen also is a former member of the CEO Council of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

“I’m beyond thrilled at returning to Agel, a company I truly love and the company that I envisioned as a way to change lives around the world,” said Jensen. “This is a deeply emotional moment for me. I am so thrilled that John Rochon Jr. and the team at JRJR Networks have invited me to come back home again and help them lead Agel to what I know is going to be massive global growth.”

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