A Promising Path for PURE

People United Reaching Everyone takes the Hi-Act to new growth.

Founded: 2008
Headquarters: Frisco, Texas
Top Executive: Daren Hogge, CEO | Dae Geun Jung, Founder & Chairman of the Board
Products: Health and Wellness

Daren Hogge

Daren Hogge

Dae Geun Jung

Dae Geun Jung

According to the dictionary, evolve means “to come forth gradually into being.” This seems to sum up the path PURE: People United Reaching Everyone has taken as it makes steady gains in both sales force and revenue. Based in Frisco, Texas, with offices in Taiwan, Korea and Thailand and an NFR (not for resale) presence in Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, PURE’s renewed vigor has evolved not only from new ideas but also from returning to its roots. Celebrating its tenth anniversary in August 2018, PURE has made significant strides in a short time. “This last year we’ve seen significant growth in all key metrics—recruiting, retention, rank advancements and consumer engagement over the prior year,” states Founder & Chairman of the Board Dae Geun Jung. In addition, the company has reached record-setting rank advancements. A company press release states that 2018 was one of the company’s best years in history, with over 1,600 rank advancements year-to-date.

“This last year we’ve seen significant growth in all key metrics: recruiting, retention, rank advancements and consumer engagement over the prior year.”
— Dae Geun Jung, Founder & Chairman of the Board

Daren Hogge, PURE CEO—a 31-year veteran of the industry, feels the key to PURE’s emergence as a worthy contender in the health and wellness market is how company leaders have reshaped it to embrace its founding principles.

From GoYin to Pure Step-by-Step

The company began with the creation of GoYin, a company Hogge helped start several years ago. Built around its namesake GoYin product—a beverage based on traditional Asian medicine and formulated in collaboration with Cal Berkeley and the University of Shanghai—GoYin merged with another company in 2008 founded by Dea Geun Jung, now Founder and Chairman of the Board for PURE, before undergoing a rebrand in 2017 to become PURE: People United Reaching Everyone.

Hogge headed the first and second iterations of the company before leaving in 2012 to pursue another venture. He returned two years ago when he saw an opportunity to take the company back to specific values he helped create in 2008.

“We put in some founding principles that were pillars,” he explains. “One of them was the philosophy of our products that have come to life through the CORE4—to cleanse the body, to balance the body, to build the body and to provide focus for the body. All of the products we developed, we created to make sure they fit into those categories and help to deliver whole health. The other principles we came up with are what I term the Hi-Act.”

For Hogge, the Hi-Act forms the crux for how he wants to build the company and how he wants its Independent Business Owners (IBOs) to build their businesses. An acronym for the principles of honesty, integrity, accountability, commitment and trustworthiness, Hogge says it is the foundation for everything the company does. “We wanted to make sure we used the Hi-Act in all of our dealings,” Hogge says. “We make that commitment to all of our IBOs and customers.”

IBOs quickly responded to this commitment. According to Hogge, when the leaders saw that the founding principles and trust had been re-established, they renewed their efforts to build successful businesses. “Not only did we return to our core values and beliefs but we evolved the brand with a fresh look, new products, new incentives and innovations,” says Director of US Sales Sam Crossley.

Modernizing the Products

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The evolution of PURE is also evident in its products. “We’ve been modernizing and evolving our packaging in order to make it a little more mainstream or aligned with what consumers see in the marketplace,” says Shay Kiper, director of marketing. These updates started with the design of the GoYin bottle for the company’s tenth anniversary this past summer. “GoYin is our flagship product so we rolled out a limited-edition design,” explains Kiper. “It’s a little bit bolder packaging than what we’ve seen in the past, so we used that as a nod to the evolution of the brand and what you can expect to see in the future.”

“Not only did we return to our core values and beliefs but we evolved the brand with a fresh look, new products, new incentives and innovations.”
— Sam Crossley, Director of U.S. Sales

PURE also supports its products with recognition from highly credible organizations. The majority of the products in the GPS sports performance line have received Informed Sports Certification, a distinction that clears all the products in the line for use by professional, collegiate and Olympic athletes.

PURE’s top-selling product set is Core4, products designed to promote the company’s mission to cleanse, balance and build the body as well as provide focus. All Core4 products are featured in the 2018 Physicians’ Desk Reference. This past summer PURE launched its seven and 28-day Detox Program to further support the cleanse philosophy. “It’s been a very popular way for people to come in as either a customer or from a business perspective,” says Kiper. To date, PURE offers 35 products, with many available in various flavors and product forms.

Company Leaders Work for Field Leaders

Detox program participants proudly display their weight loss on stage at Xcelerate in October 2018.

PURE’s sales force is intrinsic to the company’s success, and Hogge is adamant that he and his team remember that they work for the IBOs. “If we work for the IBOs, we should take their input, we should see where they want the company to go and allow them to have a say in where we go. The detox program is an example of a system driven by leader input,” says Hogge. PURE’s focus continues to be the U.S. market, which has experienced the largest growth the past two years. “I’m very proud of that because as we have gone forward with the rebranding and some of the enhancements to the compensation plan, we’re hitting on key points that people around the world are craving,” says Hogge.

To keep its sales force informed and charged, PURE recently hosted 1,400 IBOs at its Xcelerate event in Texas and took 103 leaders to Bora Bora in November as part of its incentive program. Hogge knows that leaders appreciate strong corporate support, and he feels the company’s rank advancement bonus is one of the most lucrative in the industry.

“I think we’ll see quadruple growth over the next few years from the projections we set two years ago.”
— Daren Hogge, Pure CEO

Going forward, Hogge says their strategy is to continue to look for strong leaders who share the company’s Hi-Act principles and want to share them with like-minded individuals. “I believe that we have only scratched the surface here in the U.S.,” adds Hogge. “I think we’ll see quadruple growth over the next few years from the projections we set two years ago—and we’ve exceeded—and where we’re headed over the next four years.” Hogge says the company also plans to expand globally to increase their international presence.

As PURE: People United Reaching Everyone continues to evolve, Hogge is optimistic that he and his team will find ways to keep the momentum going. PURE is dedicated to delivering Whole Health with high-quality products for physical health, opportunity for financial health, relationships for personal health and social impact for philanthropic health. Hogge firmly believes it is the company’s five principles—honesty, integrity, accountability, commitment and trustworthiness—that has fueled the fire of PURE’s recent surge in growth and will continue to do so long into the future.

Giving Back & Creating PURE Relationships

PURE’s Dae Geun Jung and Daren Hogge present the first check to DAV at 2018 Xcelerate. Graciously accepting the check are Trisa Paschal of Personal Philanthropy Programs and Jennifer Kellogg, Air Force veteran.

An important aspect of a company’s culture is defining its philanthropic spirit. To this end, PURE recently announced a partnership with Disabled American Veterans (DAV). PURE CEO Daren Hogge says they are proud to support the country’s heroes since many of PURE’s IBOs are veterans. In addition to giving back to the men and women who serve the United States, the company’s $25 enrollment fee is waived for veterans and active military personnel.

Powerful PURE Partnerships

Driver Gary Gaulding in his PURE brand wrapped NASCAR 08 Camaro.

National exposure is another key component of moving a company forward. PURE recently announced a partnership with one of its IBOs, NASCAR driver Gary Gaulding. Gaulding is one of many millennials finding value in both the product and opportunity with PURE. He believes so strongly in the company that he wrapped his 08, Chevrolet Camaro in the PURE brand, which he will compete with in the 2019 NASCAR Xfinity Series. “We were so excited that Gray pursued this as the number eight has great value to us at PURE as we were founded on 8/8/08,” states Daren Hogge, CEO.