A Look Back, A Glance Ahead and Excited for Now

Since its inception, Direct Selling News has stuck to its mission to serve the direct selling community of executives with information and news based upon journalistic standards that have enabled us to tell stories that need to be told.

In publishing our 200th edition, we recommit to the future with the same foundational principles and values that brought us to this wonderful place, whereas the direct selling channel now appears to be positioned, perhaps, better than ever before to be an opportunity to deliver diverse products and services to customers through the affiliation of independent contractors who add value to the customer experience.

Being a part of this issue’s cover story Legends: Lessons 50 Years in the Making is a true highlight of my career. Listening to the interviews of Jerry Brassfield, John Fleming, Stan Fredrick, Rick Goings, Rudy Revak and Larry Thompson was exceptional and inspiring.  I encourage you to register and tune into the video series being presented at our upcoming Direct Selling News Global Celebration and Direct Selling University.

The Ultimate Gig feature interview with John Fleming is another must read. “The direct selling model has a tremendous opportunity to be recognized as an ultimate form of gig work,” explains John Fleming. This article highlights the research and the story of John’s latest book, Ultimate Gig, which is being released this month by Emerald Publishing U.K.

Discover the latest happenings at Epicure, and get a taste of their mission to bring good food real fast by providing healthy ingredients and offering the ability to help people eat well. “We help people bridge the gap between the desire to be healthy through eating well and actually doing it,” remarks CEO Amelia Warren.

In 2019, Farmasi launched an Atypical International Expansion into the U.S. and brought with it a 70-yearold international legacy. “We are one of the few companies in U.S. direct sales that is actually not American based,” explains CEO of North America Sinan Tuna. Farmasi has been named the fastest-growing direct selling company in Europe.

At DSN, we have so many exciting things happening right now. We are rolling out a fresh, new website in one month. Just in time for the upcoming DSN Global Celebration and DSU events, which we hope you will join us for. So, stay tuned for the exciting new happenings.

At Direct Selling News, we endeavor to be a source, resource and thought leader for the entire direct selling channel. So, if you have a suggestion, a need or an inspiration to share, please reach out. We would love to hear from you.

All the best,

Patricia White