Study Reveals 6 Key Ingredients to Building Brand Reputation

Building Brand Reputation

A recent study on reputation building by The Reputation Institute revealed six key things successful companies do consistently. The common thread? They take control of their brand and shape their message.

Here are the six key factors the study revealed:

1. Proactively Telling Their Story and Defining Their Own Corporate Narrative.

The word “culture” is thrown around a lot in the direct selling industry. One of the best ways companies create a strong culture is to tell their own story. They don’t wait for outside factors to shape that narrative. They do it by being authentic, transparent and unique. A compelling story also shapes the brand and permeates through communication and marketing strategies.

2. Having A Purpose-Driven Narrative.

Industry legend Mary Kay Ash is known for saying “People will support that which they help to create.” That’s why having a purpose-driven story is so crucial. People rally behind a clear purpose and want to feel that they are building something bigger than themselves. EvolvHealth’s HOPE Movement to feed malnourished children around the world is a good example. It’s driven by the company’s Buy 1, Nourish 2 giving initiative that feeds two children each time a Reboot Kit is purchased.

3. Understanding Their Audience and Potential Audience.

It’s easy to go too broad when identifying and understanding your audience. Communicating with and marketing to potential customers means getting specific and understanding your audience’s problems, questions and needs. A great way to do this is to create content that serves and brings value, thereby building trust. The JuicePlus+ “Healthy Start for Families” campaign attracts moms of young families with real stories about how everyday moms create healthy habits for their families.

4. Leveraging Data To Focus Communication.

Targeting your communication to attract your specific target audience means trusting research numbers. This can include surveys, online analytics reports, email engagement rates, media exposure and more. Successful companies allow the numbers to point the way.

5. Being Prepared For A Crisis.

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A crisis can run the gamut of a small bump to an all-hands-on-deck nightmare. Of course, being prepared can make it a lot less painful. This might involve hiring an outside PR agency, but have a specific response plan in place. Make sure everyone understands their role in a crisis.

6. Building “Goodwill In The Bank Of Public Trust” When Times Are Good.

This means not resting on your laurels. Leveraging the good times to bring value to the community and build trust not only helps craft a corporate brand but also can foster a sense of unity among employees and throughout the sales field. Just prior to Thanksgiving, Mannatech employees worked with Mission 5 Million (M5M) and Kids Around the World to pack 55,000 meals for malnourished children around the world.