53 Percent of Shoppers Say the Pandemic Has Permanently Changed the Way They Buy

According to new statistics gathered by SCORE, most shoppers (73%) report trying out a new shopping behavior during the pandemic, and 53% say that their shopping habits have been permanently altered. Health was a high priority, with 32% saying the deciding factor in their purchasing choices was the protection of their health and their family above all else. The pandemic has also made customers mindful of shopping local, with one in four buyers saying they purchase a majority of their gifts from small businesses.

With these new habits, 33% of consumers have tried a new brand, with 79% planning to continue using these new finds; 29% have used a different retailor or website, with 75% planning to continue doing so; and 22% have switched to a new digital shopping method, with 81% intending to continue.

Many companies have seen a boost from all this online shopping and industry categories are expected to see impressive growth in online sales in the coming year, including:

  • 97% growth in online skincare and makeup purchases
  • 96% expected growth for accessories
  • 81% increase for household supplies
  • 78% expected growth for snacks

Generation X is most likely to shop small (29%) and younger consumers, specifically Gen Z (ages 18-24), say the Black Lives Matter movement will factor into their holiday shopping choices, with 21% planning to shop Black-owned businesses and 12% planning to shop brands that publicly support the BLM movement.

“This research shows that shoppers are increasingly moving online and using their dollars to support brands that reflect their personal values, and impact their local community,” says Bridget Weston, Chief Executive Officer of SCORE.