5 Reasons Your Sales Force Needs Facebook Parties

Facebook parties

There are only two ways to scale; more consultants or more parties—and Facebook parties will help you with both.

There are so many ways to reach your consumer nowadays, including a Facebook party. In 2018, the number of Facebook Live broadcasts reached 3.5 billion, and the people who updated a status on Facebook reached 25 billion.

Here are 5 reasons why Facebook parties work so well and can help any business model expand.

  1. There is a huge segment of the population that doesn’t have 30 minutes to go to your party or hates watching LIVE videos. Customers expect you to tailor the experience to them. After all, they can get dinner delivered in 30 minutes with a meal delivery app and hire a housekeeper for the weekend in a cinch. They expect the kind of ease and convenience they can get from any other business, which is why you added your online store, right?
    Facebook parties are a great way to entertain guests on any night of the week without them leaving the comfort of their home. This approach is also how you can help that consultant that doesn’t want to do video or in-home parties.
  2. Your sales force can be at multiple parties at the same time. The direct sales industry is competing with the ease of Amazon and online shopping. Your consumer is online, and Facebook parties allow you to be there with them. Your sales force needs to scale their efforts, and the only way to do that is to have parties that are repeatable and can schedule many at one time.
    Facebook parties allow for the delivery of bite-sized information that can be dripped at a given time but can be consumed at the convenience of your audience. You can hold as many as you want all at once.
  3. Millions of shoppers are waiting for you to come to them.You’re missing the mark if you are only pushing live experiences or video because there are millions of people who don’t want to watch a live video, or come to your home. And millions more consultants who are struggling to find their fit. A Facebook party uses all different mediums as a way to communicate including pictures, text, videos, podcast snippets and more. Your customers aren’t bored, they are engaged—and it’s the most convenient way for them to experience your brand. With attention spans being so short, and mothers being so busy, with a family away for a vacation—they prefer and want your Facebook party.
  4. Use Facebook parties to encourage in home experiences.
    Show up for your audience and give them an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your business and build relationships and community through social media. Your consumer wants to know more about your company, and your products or opportunity and social media allows a way for them to “check you out” without having to commit to time in person. Create a Facebook party that shares the top 10 earners in your company and their stories, or 10 types of host gift incentives to encourage in-home party bookings. Social media can be used to boost and supplement any in-home party strategy.
  5. Encourage multiple hosts per Facebook party.
    You are not limited by location, size of home or time with a Facebook party—so make the most of it. Encourage your field to get multiple hosts to co-host an online party that runs for 3 or 4 days. This way you can meet hundreds of potential new customers.

“Done well, an online party builds relationships and is just as much fun as partying in someone’s home. You can even drink wine. And share a selfie of you drinking wine.” – Lynn Bardowski, milliondollarpartygirl.com and author

Not sure where to start to add Facebook parties to your sales strategy?

These parties need to be done RIGHT to keep people coming back! People don’t want to attend a party that is filled with product posts—they want to be entertained! Make sure that you have pre-posts that ask questions to break the ice, play a game, and get to know your guests so they feel welcome and inclined to participate throughout the duration of your party.

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Jessica Kane is the chief marketing officer of the social media management app for the direct sales industry, Cinchshare. Specialist in global marketing strategy, driving market leadership, awareness and demand generation.