4Life Research Appoints New Vice Presidents

4Life Research has announced two new vice presidents.

VP of Quality

Senior Vice President of Operations Nate Buhler recently named Steve Pederson as 4Life’s new vice president of Quality.

Pederson has extensive experience in quality assurance and quality control. He is a Certified Quality Engineer licensed by the American Society for Quality. He also holds the credentials of Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Practitioner, an industry distinction awarded to individuals who study and practice food safety in manufacturing. His experience in supplements and nutraceuticals spans 15 years and numerous high-profile posts.

“We are very excited to welcome Steve to 4Life,” said Buhler. “We have a long-standing commitment to process, methodology and protocol. Steve is committed to quality and to creating positive customer experiences. We look forward to his contribution.”

Pederson served in the United States Marine Corps and achieved the rank of Major. During multiple deployments, he participated in numerous planned and executed missions to support counterterrorism and anti-piracy. Additionally, Pederson served in a special assignment as an Assistant Professor of Naval Science and taught several classes at the University of Arizona.

VP of Global Markets, Eurasia

Senior Vice President of Global Operations Jeff Kalinin has named Tyler Madsen 4Life’s new vice president of Global Markets, Eurasia, which includes Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Mongolia.

Madsen joined 4Life in December 2013 as an international coordinator. Since then, he’s worked in Marketing, Sales and Global Operations for Southeast Asia and Eurasia. Most recently, he served as senior director for Eurasia.

“Our Eurasia Team is unique because they support sales, field development and global operations,” said Kalinin. “Tyler is uniquely capable for the role he’s been assigned. I look forward to watching his team develop our customer marketplace throughout the region.”

Madsen leads a team of 11 employees located in Salt Lake City and Moscow.