4Life Names Dr. Lawry Han, PhD, Senior Director of Product Development

4Life announced Dr. Lawry Han, PhD, has been selected as the company’s new Senior Director of Product Development. Dr. Han is a regulatory specialist, quality engineer and scientist with more than a decade of experience in scientific research and product development.

“Dr. Han brings a plethora of unique ideas and skills to the table. I’m excited to count him among the scientists and researchers here at 4Life,” said Dr. David Vollmer, Chief Scientific Officer.

Han has been a leader in product formulation, innovating over 100 products, and has been included in the publication of 30 peer-reviewed research papers. Han is passionate about teaching others, including intensive nutraceutical education, and holds a Fellowship from the American College of Nutrition for outstanding contributions to the field of Nutrition and Health.

“Dr. Han’s assignment represents our company’s two-decade commitment to worldwide leadership in product development and quality manufacturing,” said 4Life President Danny Lee. “4Life Founder David Lisonbee’s commitment to scientific integrity remains alive and well.”