36 Direct Selling Companies that Also Deserve Recognition

On April 1, Direct Selling News published it’s 11th annual ranking  of the top global revenue producing companies. (Click here to view the replay)

Inclusion on the DSN Global 100 list has become a point of much-deserved pride for direct selling companies the world over. The identification of companies to include on the list is the culmination of research and the cooperation of many individuals across the world.

Yet in recent years, the challenges with getting domestic private companies to report their revenue has been exacerbated by:

  • a 4-year decline in the domestic direct selling market
  • increased competitive pressures in the general market
  • Regulatory environment created by FTC rulings

We understand and respect the companies who chose not to report and certifying their 2019 revenue with DSN.

However, in order to provide more context to our Global 100 list, we feel it necessary to publish a list of 36 additional non-reporting domestic companies we believe achieved wholesale revenues of greater than $100 million in 2019.

These are companies who have been vetted by our sources, as well as historical and market information. We consider this a positive recognition opportunity for the companies listed below, not a negative one.

Please join us in congratulating these companies.