2018 Best Places to Work in Direct Selling – Team National

“This is an environment where you’re not afraid to say ‘I don’t know,’ because you are motivated by management to learn every day and find creative solutions.”
—Laura Espinoza, Human Resources Manager

Company / Team National
Headquarters / Davie, Florida
Number of Full-Time Employees / 70
Year Founded / 1997

What makes your company one of the best places to work in direct selling?
What makes Team National one of the best places to work not just in direct selling, but in general, is our executive leadership’s vision and values that drive us to improve as staff in both professional and personal aspects of our lives. Our CEO and all the other executives encourage us daily to grow, to question processes and improve them, to learn new things that will help make us become greater and the company better.

What is your top priority when it comes to maintaining a great work environment?
Top priorities to keep our great work environment are work-life balance and tons of positive reinforcement from upper management. This is an environment where you’re not afraid to say “I don’t know,” because you are motivated by management to learn every day and find creative solutions.

What benefits do you offer to your employees?
We offer full-paid medical insurance along with options for dental and vision coverage, short-term disability, accident insurance, cancer policy, and PTO.

What unique or unusual benefits do you also offer?
We give employees $100 gift cards on their birthdays and free pizzas, salad, and wings every Thursday. Employees also get to take advantage of most membership services provided by Team National, such as wholesale pricing on furniture, discounts on major travel sites and cell phone plans.

How does your company celebrate a job well done?
We host special team lunches and hand out gift cards on a frequent basis to those who go the extra mile. When there is positive feedback by Team National members via email or letters, our CEO takes the time during our staff meetings to read them out loud to everyone. This gives the employee(s) company-wide recognition for their efforts in doing a good job.

How does your company support team members in their personal and professional development?
We have monthly “Personal Growth” sessions for the entire company. In these 30-60-minute-long meetings, executives discuss methods and tips on how to grow both at work and in our personal lives. They share videos by the greatest motivational teachers to fuel us to be our very best beyond just the 9-to-5. Sometimes a few tears are shed from how impacting and meaningful the sessions are. It is a great effort by our CEO and executive team to help staff always strive for growth.

How does your company give back to the community?
Team National has been a giving company since the start. Our founder and CEO’s compassionate and selfless nature have allowed us to participate in charitable events such as providing thousands of mattresses for Hurricane Harvey victims, assisting in evacuations of dozens of animals prior to the storm, and creating Christmas gift boxes for underprivileged children across the world. The generosity of our leaders is so great that we even launched our own branded charity called TN H.O.P.E., which stands for Helping Other People Everyday.

How do you develop and maintain trust between all levels of your company?
We are big on open-door policies and no manager is ever too busy to listen to a staff member’s concerns or ideas.

What is the single most fun day of the year at your company? Why?
Employee Appreciation Day! In the past years we all have participated in beach activities, bowling competitions, and indoor gaming at Dave & Buster’s. It’s a great day where we can step away from the building and come together to have lots of fun!

What is something new that you’ve added in 2018 to enhance your workplace?
We’ve added “Serving Week for TN H.O.P.E.” to our traditions. During an entire workweek in January, employees are paid a full day to volunteer in different areas such as the Boys & Girls Club, the Humane Society, a retirement home, a homeless shelter, or an in-house meal prepping for the less fortunate. The employees choose what is closest to their heart, and we all work together to lend a helping hand to our beloved community.


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